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Chemistry..Please Help

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I did the first one im not sure how to do the 2 and the 3rd question.

1. What is the Henry's law constant for
CO2 at 20{C}?

= 3.70*10^-2/1.00atm= 0.037

2. What pressure is required to achieve
a CO2 concentration of 6.00×10−2 at

Given: C (mol/L)= 6.00×10−2
T(C)= 20C

3. At 1 atm, how many moles of CO2 are
released by raising the temperature
of 1 liter of water from 20{C} to 25

Given: P(atm)= 1.00
k( mol/L.atm)= 3.40×10−2
T= 25C

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    You don't give all of the information but I assume you looked up the k for CO2 correctly for k at 20 degrees C.

    For #2, won't that be just
    P = k/c . Substitute for k and c and calculate P? Right? or did I miss something?

    For #3.
    You know C in #2. You can convert this to moles since you know the molarity. M = moles/L and you know the volume is 1 L.
    Now you have a new k for a new temperature of 25 degrees C. Using 1 atm P, calculate a new C and a new moles. Then subtract moles in #2 from moles in #3 for the difference. That is the amount CO2 released at the elevated T. Check my work.

  • Chemistry..Please Help - ,

    thank you i got the answers

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