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Homework Help: Chemistry UGH

Posted by Daniel on Thursday, May 28, 2009 at 5:10pm.

Help please! I can't solve any of these, would someone be as kind as to show me the answers?

How many moles of NaHCO3 are in a 125.0 g sample of the compound?

3. How many moles are in 6.73 x 1024 water molecules?

4-5. AgBr, a chemical used in photography can be made with this reaction:

2AgNO3 + CaBr2 „³ 2AgBr + CaN2O6

4. AgNO3 is very expensive, so in making AgBr, you want to be sure this reactant is all used up. If a chemist starts with 15.0 g of AgNO3, how many grams of CaBr2 must be added to use up all of the AgNO3?

5. How many moles of CaN2O6 are produced when 46.8 g or AgNO3 react?

6. DDT, an insecticide banned in the US, has the formula C14H9Cl5? Find its percent composition.

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