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I'm writing a paper for English, and I am using Hitler as an example. Is there as site that will explain to me his stategic ways and mentality? I need to prove how ingnorance is bliss abd provides peace.

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    I know of no site on Hitler that would support your thesis. In my opinion, you picked the wrong example. Nor am I certain what you mean as bliss and peace, or even ignorance for that matter.
    Very seldom are leaders ignorant. They may tend to ignore complicating facts, but they by no measure are ignorant, at least in my experience.

    Your attempts to prove the thesis maybe difficult, I suspect.

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    I agree with Bobpursley. I don't know how you could prove that. If you cannot find facts and details to prove your statement, try a different topic.

    Have you written your actual thesis statement yet? If you need help writing a GOOD thesis statement, look at the examples here:

    Let us know what you come up with.

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    Here is my thesis:

    Emotional, physical, and mental aspects of human nature prove that only blindness can provide peace in society.

    Hitler was going to be my mental example. Hitler had a mentality of him being superior and arrogant. Therefore, that mentality caused him to use all the knowledge he had gained for evil.

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    What do you mean by blindness?

    IT is difficult to take mentally unstable persons and make rational arguments about their behaviour. By definition, their behaviour is irrational.

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    Actually, I have another thought. It seems to me you are heading for an argument in nonsense, and it would be wise to find another topic to avoid the morass of endless circle thinking.

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    And was the society he created peaceful? Think again.

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