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60% of the hockey players are from Eastern Canada and 40% are from Western Canada. 18% of the Eastern players and 12% of the Western players go on to play in the NHL. If a randomly chosen NHL player is selected, what is the probability that he is from Western Canada?

P(NHL|W)=(0.4x0.12)/(0.4x0.12)(0.18x0.6) ?

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    Your answer tells me that you are in the right direction, but there is something wrong with the expression:
    because it evaluates to 9.259 > 1.

    Think of a bag of 4 red and 6 blue marbles. The chances of drawing a red would be

    Rework your expression and I am sure you'll get the right answer.

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    yes,y ou have it right
    say there are 100 total
    60 E
    40 W
    E in NHL = .18*60 = 10.8
    W in NHL = .12*40 = 4.8
    Total = 10.8+4.8 = 15.6
    fraction W in total = 4.8/15.6

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    Oh, but you multiplied on the bottom instead of adding.

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    Whoops, a typo. I finally got one of these questions right :)
    Thank you!

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