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Can you tell me how you would answer this question? My teacher says that one answer is correct but I think that my answer is correct. I want a second opinion.

A soccer coach purchases 12 uniforms for 17.50 each. He buys 6 soccer balls for 8.58. How much did he spend in all?

I think that the answer should be solved by multiplying 12 times 17.50 and then addind 8.58 as the word each is only implied to uniforms and not the balls. My teacher has that you should assume the balls cost 8.58 each.

Which is the right answer?

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    Although the question is poorly worded, I agree with the teacher. The word "each" is implied but not stated in the case of soccer balls. You can't buy soccer balls for $1.43 each.

    Strictly speaking, you are right.

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