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English prefix

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Hello, i am looking for a prefix that means near, almost, semi

for instance psudo- means false, and i want to say something along the lines of " ... and their often (practically/ semi/almost unconscious) behavior.

I don't know if such a prefix exists though

Thanks so much XD

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    i am just guessing:

    approximately, essentially, apparent, partly, seemingly, nominal

    hope this helps!

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    i just realized that i could use subconscious!!!!

    how dumb of me for not having realized this!!!

    anyhow, if there is any other word that you know please let me know

  • English prefix - ,

    subliminal, undersense, latent, repressed, suppressed, inmost, intuitive, inner, essence

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    What is wrong with semi-conscious?

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    Bobpursley is right.

    Semi- is a prefix, and with "semi-conscious" you have the word you're looking for. Yes?

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    pre re

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