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I don't need help with this, I just need your opinion. I'm in ninth grade advanced English, and one of our vocabulary words is "frequently." Do you find that hard to believe we have to "memorize" a word like that?

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    It does seem strange that students in an advanced English class need to memorize such a basic word.

    However, I've found that many students do not understand basic vocabulary.

    If this is an isolated example of oversimplification in this class, then just be glad you don't have to study this word.

    If you feel the class is "dumbed down," then you and your parents should talk with the principal about this class.

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    You can also take advantage of such "simple" words to learn obscure meanings, the history of the word, and try to make a story using all your vocabulary words with the second or third dictionary meaning instead of the most common definition.

    Doing this will help you increase your personal vocabulary, help you with those really hard crossword puzzles, give you something to talk about at parties, and impress your parents and teachers. It will also give you experience in seeing "outside the box."

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    I remember i was in English Honors in the 9th grade and we would have stupid words like that on our vocab list. Just goes to show how retarded the school system is and how little they expect of us.

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