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yesterday morning
yesterday afternoon
yesterday evening
yesterday night
last night

this morning
this afternoon
this evening
this night

tomorrow morning
tomorrow afternoon
tomorrow evening
tomorrow night
next night

(Which ones are wrong expressions? Can we use all expressions above?)

  • English -

    yesterday morning correct
    yesterday afternoon correct
    yesterday evening maybe, but "last evening" would be better
    yesterday night incorrect
    last night correct

    this morning correct
    this afternoon correct
    this evening correct
    this night unusual
    tonight correct

    tomorrow morning correct
    tomorrow afternoon correct
    tomorrow evening correct
    tomorrow night correct
    next night correct if you put "the" in front of "next"

  • English -

    While "this night" is not usually used today, it is still a phrase used for emphasis, especially in religious rites or old books.

    Example: During one Jewish holiday, the youngest child says, "Why is this night different from all other nights." The phrase is emphasizing that it is this special night that is important. Using the more familiar, tonight, wouldn't have the same impact.

    "Yesterday evening" is another old phrasing that isn't used today.

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