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What is one strength you see in the current U.S. health care system?
Some of the best doctors in the world practice in the US. Because they can charge what the market for their expertise will bear, and are punished financially if they aren't good, good doctors gravitate to the US.

What is one weakness you see?
A weakness I currently see is cost escalation in healthcare costs and insurance costs. The cost of healthcare is getting to be so high, some people are refusing to take health insurance and accepting the risk of going without insurance. Suggestions of causes of the current challenge of rapidly rising costs is the imperfect measure of life expectancy, unnecessary tests and treatments, an insurance system that is costly and inadequate for those who really need it, the high cost of new technology, and drug companies.

List and describe one of the challenges facing the U.S. health care system.
One of the biggest challenges the U.S. faces is funding the unsinsured. Social Security is slowly diminishing (this goes along with Medicaid and Medicare).

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