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Posted by Priscilla on Saturday, May 16, 2009 at 5:28pm.

I did not really understand the poem, Moon Rondeau. Here is the lyrics:

"Love is a door we shall open together."
So they told each other under the moon
One evening when the smell of leaf mould
And the beginnings of roses and potatoes
Came on a wind.

Late in the hours of that evening
They looked long at the moon and called it
A silver button, a copper coin, a bronze wafer,
A plaque of gold, a vanished diadem,
A brass hat dripping from deep waters.

"People like us,
us two,
We own the moon."

I am confused by the poem. I am supposed to analyze the poem, but first I need to understand the poem...

What does "Love is a door we shall open together." mean to the poem?
What does the word, "they", in "So they told each other under the moon" refer to?
A couple?
Why did the poet say " We own the moon.", What does that mean?
What messages did the poet want to give readers?

Can you explain the poem to me?

Any help will be appreciated.

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