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American History

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49. Of the following Southerners, who was the most pro-slavery and pro-secession: A. Jefferson Davis, B. Robert E. Lee C. Sam Houston D. William Yancey?
| 50. The first generation of women’s rights advocates did NOT include: A. Lucretia Mott, B. Susan Anthony C. Elizabeth Stanton D. Sojourner Truth E. Emma Goldman.
| 51. The Trail of Tears of American Indians was conceived and then carried out under: A. J.Q. Adams and Jackson B. Jackson and Van Buren C. Van Buren and Tyler D. Polk and Taylor.
| 51. The group that probably made the LEAST progress between 1800-1860 was: A. Women B. Blacks C. Immigrants D. Native Americans.
| 52. The least costly battle of the Civil War in terms of lives was: A. Antietam B. First Bull Run C. Chancellorsville d. Gettysburg.
| 53. The president who presided over the greatest expansion of territory from 1830-1870 was: A. Tyler B. Polk C. Grant D. Lincoln.

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