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Could anyone translate this paragraph for me? i can not figure it out!

Sum servus Romanus quod Romani meam patriam occupabant. In proeliis cum Romanis non pugnabam. Mea patria erat Graecia, et nunc mea familia in Graecia habitat. Mox mea familia ad Italiam navigabit.

Nunc in oppido in Italia habito. In casa domini laboro. Multi servi in agris laborant, et equi frumentum in casam portant. Unus servus est de Hispania, et est magister. Servus de Hispania est Luis. Luis est magister liberorum in casa domini. Mox vir liber erit et non i am erit servus.

Ego et dominus sumus amici. Dominus est mihi gratus quod olim pro templo vitam fili servavi. In Graecia mihi nomen erat Xeno; mihi nomen Romanum erit Sextus. Mox liber esse spero et esse vir Romae.

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    Please note that we do not do students' homework for them.

    If you'll post what YOU THINK these passages mean, someone here will let you know how you're doing.

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    I am a Roman slave because the Romans have occupied my country. I did not fight in the battles with the Romans. My native country was Greece, and now my family lives in Greece. Soon my family will sail for Italy.

    Now I live in a town in Italy. I work in the house of master. Many slaves work in the fields, and horses carry the grain to the house. One slave is from Spain and is a teacher. The Spanish slave is Luis. Luis is the teacher of the boys in the house of the master. He will soon be a free man and will not be a slave anymore.

    The lord and I are friends. The master is grateful to me because I had at one time saved his son's life in front of the temple. In Greece my name was Xeno: my Roman name is a common Roman boy’s name. Soon I hope to be free and to be a Roman man.

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