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Homework Help: Psychology/270

Posted by Sassy on Wednesday, May 13, 2009 at 12:54pm.

Okay I will try this again, I was wondering if this assignment looks correct. It is just asking to fill in the blanks, so I will just put what I came up with.

This is already here I have to match the Psychologist and the treatment to scenario

Willard has been
rewarded for his
bullying behavior Dr. J. Behaviorist operant conditioning

Willard is genetically
predisposed to bully
others Dr. S. Biologist. medication

Willard's toilet training
was harsh Dr. M. Psychoanalyst free association and catharsis

Willard is influenced
by the common held
view that men must be
aggressive in order
to succeed Dr. F. Socioculturist community treatment

Willard assumes that
if he does not assert
himself first, he will
appear to be a failure
to others Dr. A. Cognitivist challenging dysfunctional thoughts

Willard has a low sense
of self-worth,
probably stemming from
conditional love in
childhood Dr. B. Humanist client-centered therapy

This is not made up it is what I had to work with, it looks right to me, I would just like a second opinion. Thank you, and sorry it took me so many times to get it right

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