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Posted by Anonymous on Tuesday, May 12, 2009 at 11:23pm.

Question: you have a clear, colorless aqueous sample in a beaker that contains either CO2^-2(aq) or C^-1(aq) or a mixture of both ions. the following aqueous reagents are available: NaCl, HNO3, and AgNO3. describe a procedure that will allow the determination of which of the three solution compositions is correct.

I' not sure how to use it when there is a mixture of both ions. For the other mixtures i know that NaCl will not react with either. the AgNO3 is mixed with the unknown solution in the beaker. a percipitate will form. The percipitate is either AgCl or Ag2CO3. The percipitate should than be placed in a beaker and reacted with HNO3. if no reaction occurs the percipitate is AgCl and the unknown solution contained Cl^-. If evidence of a reaction occurs (bubbles form) Ag2CO3 was the percipitate and the unknown solution contained CO3^-2.

What do i get when their is a mixture of both ions?

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