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I need a specfic answer not a list of websites because im so confused on this:Why does heidegger think that "care" is the fundamental part of the being of Dasein? Thanks

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    A specific answer? And you are taking philosophy?

    Philosophy girds itself with discovering principles of life and existence within words (concepts). You can't escape it. There is no such thing as a "specific" answer, ever.

    I am reticent to give you this, but I shall because of the kindness of my heart, I care, it is a thing at hand.

    <<Care includes taking care of things at hand, taking care of things objectively present, and taking care of Da-sein itself. According to Heidegger, care brings things nearer to Da-sein.Care is circumspect when it discovers things at hand. Care is heedful when it discovers not only things at hand, but things not at hand.

    Da-sein takes care of things, and takes care of other beings. Da-sein takes care of being and time. Da-sein is fundamentally concerned about its mode of being, and thus becomes attuned to projecting its own potentiality.

    Being-with-others, having concern for others, and taking care of the world are modes by which Da-sein becomes attuned to being-in-the-world. Thus, the being of Da-sein reveals a care and concern by which Da-sein understands and transcends itself.>>

    So the understanding of your answer here is to know what he meant by care.

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