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Homework Help: Psychology/270

Posted by Sassy on Tuesday, May 12, 2009 at 3:54pm.

I don't know if the whole question posted so here is the most
important stuff if some one knows if this is correct please let me know. Thanks

Dr. Smith, Biologist
Dr. Mullen, Psychoanalyst
Dr. James, Behaviorist
Dr. Allen, Cognitivist
Dr. Bates, Humanist
Dr. Frank, Socioculturist

Treatments: Medication
Community treatment
Client-centered therapy
Challenging dysfunctional thoughts
Operant conditioning
Free association and catharsis
Proposed Cause Psychologist / Treatment
Willard has been rewarded for his bullying behavior. Dr. James, Behaviorist / Operant conditioning
Willard is genetically predisposed to bullying others. Dr. Smith, Biologist / Medication
Willard's toilet training was harsh. Dr. Mullen, Psychoanalyst / Free association and catharsis
Willard is influenced by the commonly held view that
men must be aggressive in order to succeed. Dr. Frank, Socioculturist / Community treatment
Willard assumes that if he does not assert himself
first, he will appear to be a failure to others. Dr. Allen, Cognitivist / Challenging dysfunctional thoughts
Willard has a low sense of self-worth, probably
stemming from conditional love in childhood. Dr. Bates, Humanist / Client-centered therapy

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