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Alright so I need some help
were doing Friction and Centripetal Force

A 1250 Kg car traveling at 12 m/s is exiting circular highway exit ramp with a radius of 36 meters

then I'm asked to find the acceleration
the centripetal force
the normal foce
which I have done then I'm asked to

calculate the minimum value of the coefficient of friction necessary for the car to stay on the road...

I have no idea how to do this...
I now that Ff= uFn I think or something like that so I don't know how to do this problem because well I know the Fn but not the Ff or do I???

please show me all the formulas you use and step by step thanks

  • Physics -

    Here is what I suggest. Go immediately to BarnesNoble, or your local college bookstore, and take a look at Schaumn's Outline Series, College Physics (there are several versions, I like the physics for engineers).

    It has many solved problems that will guide you through the process. It is relatively inexpensive.

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