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Posted by CRCAWF on Monday, May 11, 2009 at 12:33pm.

Hello. I'm not n=sure about these answers so i was wondering if someone could check them out?

27, A: Which is a stronger acid - sulfuric or carbonic acid? (Answer: Sulfuric acid.)

27, B: Imagine you have two glasses. One contains a solution of carbonic acid. The other contains a solution of sulfuric acid. Without any other information, can you tell which is more corrosive? Explain the reasoning behind your answer.

27, C: What makes an acidic solution corrosive?

28: You have a glass of pure water. Are chemical reactions occurring in the water? If so, what are they? If not, explain why not.

29: While investigating the effects of acid rain in your area, you discover a lake that is surprisingly resistant to changes in pH caused by acid rain. Using what you have learned in this unit, explain why the lake resists changes in pH.


27, A: The glass containing a solution of sulfuric acid is more corrosive because the acidic gas compounds have an even higher corrosive property.

27, B: There are more hydrogen atoms available to pull negatively charged atoms apart from the compound they are found in.

28: Yes, because the reaction for water is reversible, so some atoms are evaporating and others are recombining to form water molecules maintaining a balance in the solution.

29: The lake may act as a buffer and either be composed of a weak acid and its conjugate base or vice versa and therefore resists changes in the pH.

Thank you - CRCAWF

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