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Homework Help: marketing (does this sound right)

Posted by scooby9132002 on Sunday, May 10, 2009 at 5:24pm.

Select a company that produces a product that you use and with which you are familiar. For the company to make decisions about developing new products and attracting new customers, it must rely on marketing research. These decisions feed into the company’s marketing plan. For the firm you selected:

The company I have chosen which also includes the product is Folgers coffee.

1. Define one specific problem it could address through marketing research.

One problem I have noticed is that Folgers can upset someone stomach especially when a person has acid reflux.

2. What type of research design do you recommend for addressing that problem, and why?

Well Folgers could do a survey to see the percentage of how many people suffer with the stomach problems and then send the individuals a sample of other coffees made by this company to see if the newly made coffee’s would help them.

3. What is the most appropriate way to collect the data? Justify your choice.

Well that’s a hard decision to make, because if you send out for a customer’s feedback, they may not respond back. If you give out free samples at a grocery store you could get feedback right on the spot. I think the best way to know who has the problems is to send out so many coupons and a survey and see how many of them are used the coupon and filed out the survey. I think the most appropriate way to collect the data is using formulas, tables and power function charts.

4. How will you ensure high validity, reliability, and representativeness of the data?
To ensure high validity, reliability, and representativeness of the data I would go to the grocery store at different times of the day and several different days of the week. You just have to make sure that we survey hundreds of people to get a fair sample.

5. Design an appropriate sampling plan.

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