March 30, 2017

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Choose the words that best completes each sentences
1)abound 2)braggart 3)cache 4)clarification 5)despondent6)embezzle7)heartrending 8)leisurely 9)lethargic 10)malady 11)mellow 12)nomadic 13)piecemeal 14)quest 15)random 16)rant 17)reinforce 18)seclusion 19)status 20)turmoil
1)After putting up all week with the noiseand confusion of life in the big city,I enjoy the------of my moutain retreat on weekends . answer.(18
2)THE lake so---------with trout and pickerel that even a person with my limited skill in fishing can catch them easily answ.(1

3)Most detectives solve crimes in a(n)----------fashion,as clues come to light,rather than all at once.answ(12

4)Thought Ponce de Leon`s-----for the foutain of youth proved futile, he did discover Florida answ (14

5)The-----of French Revolution and the Napoleonic Era was succeeded by 100 years of relative peace and quiet in Europe answ (20

6)Apparently' the man could pay off his staggering gambling debts only by-------funds from the company that employed him answ (6

7)The park is always full of soapbox orators----about the inequatily of government or society answ(16

8) The tenor`s voice was rich and ----
but the baritone`s sounded somewahat harsh and unpleasant.answ(11

9)Instead of triyng to decide wich applicants were best suited for the job, he selected two of them at ----answ(15

10) It`s natural to feel a little----- over not guetting the job, but don`t let that prevent you reom applying for other positions answ(5

11)At first,when i couldn`t make out what she wanted me to do, I asked her some-----of her instruction answ(4

12) In order to preventthe illegal entry of alliens into the United States, it has beennecessary to ----our
border patrols. answ(17

13)Yesterday,I read a truly ------account of the plight of millions of Affricans suffering from the effects of severe famine.answ (7

14)The two brothers are both fine athletes, but one is quiet and modest, while the other is an awful------ans(2

15)WhenI first entered this country,I was classified as a resident alien",but my ------has changed since then. ans(19

16)Arthisis is a-----that attacks millions of people, especially in middle and old age.ans (10

17)During warm months ,foxes bury many animals they have killed, with the result that they have------to tide them over the winter ans(13

18)Hundreds of homeless people now lead essentially---- existences on the streets of our major cities. ans(3

19)Though I am always full of energy in the morning, I start to become a little-----as the day wears on. ans (9

20)Every once in a while, I like to take time out from my busy schedule to have a---- dinner with old friends.ans(8

  • vocab - ,

    Most of your answers are correct. The only wrong answers are sentence numbers 3, 17, and 18.

  • vocab/ mrs sue - ,

    The answer for 3 is cache?? and 18 is nomadic??

  • vocab - ,

    18 is right; 3 is still wrong.

  • vocab/ mrs sue - ,


  • vocab - ,

    18 is what

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