March 26, 2017

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The 2nd question has a fraction and I think this is confusing me on this one
I need to find the vertex line of symmetry max/min and is the value f(-7)=7 a minimum or a maximum?

  • algebra I need immediate help with this question T - ,

    You typed that so I am not sure what you mean.
    y = (1/5) (x+7)^2 + 7
    y = 1/[5(x+7)^2] + 7
    I will assume the first.
    (y-7) = (1/5)(x+7)^2
    when x = -7 (the axis of symmetry), the right is zero so y = 7
    as x gets big or very negative, y gets big so parabola faces up (holds water).
    Therefore the vertex at (-7,7) is a minimum

  • To Damon - ,

    Thanks so much I just looked at my answers and I realized I had gotten the right answers after all. Many thanks

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