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A firefighter is on the fifth floor of an office building. She needs to throw a rope into the wiindow above her on the seventh floor. The function h=-16t^2+36t models how high above her she is able to throw a rope. If she needs to throw the rope 40 ft above her to reach the seventh-floor window, will the rope get to the window?

I don't know where to plug each number in the equation.

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    I assume h = height = 40 feet. Whatever t stands for, I assume that is the value you are trying to find. Will it also be expressed in units of feet? If so, this leads me to:

    16t^2 + 36t - 40 = 0

    4(4t^2 + 9t -10) = 0

    Unfortunately, I am unable to factor it any further. Are there any typos in your formula?

    Sorry that I can't be of more help. Thanks for asking.

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