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1. Explain how aldehydes are distinguished from ketones.
My thought: Ketones contains a carbonyl group within a carbon chain. Unlike ketones, aldehydes contains a carbonyl group at the end of the carbon chain.This made aldehydes distinguished from ketones.

2. Water will not remove fingernail polish, yet acetone will. Explain how acetone works as a fingernail polish remover.
I had no ideas about that.

Thank you!

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    I would add a bit to your definitions in #1, the end of the carbon chain as well as a hydrogen attached to the carbonyl group.
    #2. Water is a very polar solvent and finger nail polish is mostly non-polar organic material. Therefore, water will not dissolve finger nail polish. Acetone, although slightly polar, contains two alkyl groups (CH3)2C=O [the two CH3 groups] that will dissolve organic materials.

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