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How do you simplify 5/¡Ì12? I know you have to multiply the denominator,¡Ì12, by a radical to make a perfect square..

I think you're supposed to multiply it by 12? But there seems to be other numbers multiplied by 12 that can make a perfect square too, but 12's the first one I thought of. So then I got
¡Ì144, which equals 12. Is this right? What do I do next?

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    I can not read your symbol but assume it is a radical or sqrt sign

    5 / sqrt 12

    multiply top and bottom by sqrt 12

    5 sqrt 12 / 12

    = (5/12) sqrt (3*4)
    = (10/12) sqrt 3
    = (5/6) sqrt 3

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    how did you get (10/12) sqrt 3?

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    From (5/12) sqrt (3*4) , 2 is sqrt of 4. Multiplying that by 5/12 gives you 10/12 times the remaining sqrt 3.

    I hope that helps a little more. Thanks for asking.

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