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Posted by John on Friday, May 8, 2009 at 9:37pm.

Thank you for your correction!

1. He needs two canned foods.
1-1. He needs two kinds of canned food.
(Are they wrong sentences?)

2. He needs a canned coke to drink.

3. Shall we have some pizza at a MacDonald's.

(Check the sentences, plese.)

4. Shall we ride a bicycle in/on/at the park? (Which preposition do I have to use? Are all OK?)

5. An old couple found two seats in/on the train. (Are both prepositions OK?)

6. A: Did you see my bag? It was here on this seat. B: Your bag? I heard a ticking sound/noise from the bag. I was so scared, so I threw it out the window. A bomb must have been in the bag.
A: A bomb? Oh,no! It was my clock!

(Is the short dialogue grammatical?)

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