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The first ancient olympic games were held in 776 b.c. the ancient games were abolished in 393 a.d. The first modern olympics were held in 1896 a.d.

a) How many years were there between the firstancient games and the year they were abolished?

b) How many years were there between the first ancient hames and the first modern games?

what is the difference b.c. and a.d.? and how would i figure these questions out?? help plz and thank you :)

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    a) Add: 776 + 393 = ?

    b) Add: 776 + 1896 = ?

    Purists would tell you to subtract 1 from each answer since there was no year 0.

    B.C. means "before Christ." So any date stated as B.C. means the number of years before Christ was born. Note that many people now use BCE for B.C. to mean "before the common era."

    A.D. stands for the Latin words, "anno domini," which means "after Christ." Any date stated as A.D. means the number of years after Christ was born. Many people now use C.E. to mean the "common era."

    Think of A.D. and B.C. on a number line with B.C. being on the negative side and A.D. being on the positive side.

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    thank you so much :)

    im just wondering, the name of this worksheet is called "subtracting integers" would that change the way i would write this question??

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    No. Check this site.

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