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Posted by Saira on Thursday, May 7, 2009 at 5:12pm.

Write out the Ka and Kb for the biocarbonate ion with chemical equation:

Would this be correct:

HCO3^-(aq) <--> H+(aq) + CO3^-2(aq)

Ka = [H+][CO3-2]/[HCO3-
H2O + CO3-2(aq) <--> HCO3-(aq) + OH-(aq)

Kb = [HCO3-][OH-]/[CO3-2]

Or in my textbook there a chart that says:

Ionization Constants of Some Polyproctic Acids:

ka= H2C03 +H20<---> H30 + HCO3-
KB= HCO3-+ H20 <--->H30^+ + C03^2-

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