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Homework Help: English for john browm

Posted by SraJMcGin on Thursday, May 7, 2009 at 1:40pm.

Let me give you something on "multiple-choice" items that may help you to guess better.

Many teachers prepare multiple-choice tests because they are easy to mark and offer the student the advantage of actually seeing what the correct answer is. There are important strategies for taking this type of test.

First, and most importantly, NEVER NEVER leave out an answer on a multiple-choice test. If you lave it out, it's wrong for sure, but if you guess, you have a chance of getting it right. It's handy to know if the grading includes a "penalty" for wrong answers, however.

Always read the question carefully. Note words such as "not" and "never." Make sure you are answering what the question is asking. Read ALL the choices before you select one...even if you think the first choice is correct.

What happens if a question stumps you?

Most multiple-choice tests include 4 possible choices. Out of those 4, one is usually pretty ridiculous and can be eliminated right away. Then, you are left with 3 to select from. Look at each choice and ask yourself "Does this answer have anything to do with the question?" Frequently you'll be able to eliminate another choice this way. Now, there are 2 answers left. If you have no idea, you'll have to guess but at least you have narrowed down the possibilities.

It's always important to read through the entire test. Sometimes, you can get information from one question to help you answer another one. If there's something you really don't know, don't guess until you've read through the entire test. Then, if you still can't figure out, guess!

Best of luck!


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