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Posted by seth on Saturday, May 2, 2009 at 9:16am.

Your hard drive can spin up to 7500 rpm from rest in 5 s. If your hard drive's mass is 40 g and its radius is 2.5 in, what is the force applied to the drive if the force is applied at a point 0.25 in from the center? Assume the drive is a solid, uniform disk with I = (1/2)mr2, and assume the force is applied tangentially.

is my work correct

7500 rpm * 2pi* (1/60sec) = 785.4 rad/s
angular accel = (785.4-0)/5 = 157rad/s^2

F = mass*angular acceleration*radius
F =0.04Kg * 157rad/s^2 * (0.0635m)
F =0.4N

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