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Which is the strongest fundamental force acting between microscopic particles?

A. Strong force
B. Weak force
C. Gravity
D. Electromagnetic Force

I think it's either A or D, but I'm not sure which.

  • Physics -

    Gravity is the weakest of the 4 fources and plays essentially no role in attraction between microscopic particles.

    One could eliminate the weak force based on its name (as long as one remembers that it is still stronger than gravity).

    That leaves the strong force and the electromagnetic force. How does one choose between them?

    Think about the nucleus of an atom. The only electrically charnged particles are protons, which repel each other. Therefore, the nucleus "should" blow apart. But the strong force acting between nucleons holds it together. Since one force would have the nucleus blow apart, and the other would hold it together, and the nucleus does hold together, then which one should be the stronger force?

  • Physics -

    The particles have to be smaller than what I would call microscopic, on the order of the size of a proton or neutron.

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