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I have to write an essay on the role Germany had in World War 1 between 1914 and 1920.

I need to have three key points but I can only think of one.

So far i have a paragraph about how Germany attacked the Lusitania and killed innocent civilians.
-would this be a good idea?

Also should i put something about how Germany was a major cause of the U.S entering the war?

im just not sure if these are important or not

  • history -

    Germany's attack on the Lusitania did give the U.S. a reason to enter WW I, and help our allies win.

    For more points, please reread your textbook.

    This site may also help you.

  • history -

    would Germany signing the armistice be a good one?

  • history -

    What did Germany do during the war? Where did it fight? Whom did it conquer?

    How many Germans and their enemies lost their lives?

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