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Medical Terminology

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You are a front office medical assistant. A second front office medical assistant is going to be hired, and you have been asked by the office manager to help her screen job applicants for the position. The office manager asks you to put together a short written test that the applicant will take after his/her interview. Even though there will be on-the-job training, the office manager wants to make sure the candidate has a basic knowledge of medical terminology upon which to build.

Using external resources and medical terms not included in this lesson, develop a 6 question test that assesses the candidate's ability to identify a root, suffix, and prefix; write the meaning of each of those; and define the medical term. Put the answers in a separate table on this document. Using proper APA format, please cite the sources for your responses.

  • Medical Terminology -

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  • Medical Terminology -

    i am trying to find answers to some questions to my research paper and i am having difficulty doing that. i am not that type of person who likes doing research papers but this my work that i have to turn in so i have some questions and they are:
    1: How can elimination abbreviations reduce errors?
    2: should written policies be developed for abbreviation usage? If yes, what should the polices contain? if no, explain.
    3: When are abbreviations acceptable? Who should use them and why?
    4: According to the information in the online articles, do you think enough steps have been taken to reduce errors? Explain why you agree or disagree.
    Please i need the information on these questions and i hope you will help me out. i am struggling right now. thank you very much

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