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Algebra 1- 8th Grade

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According to the 1990 Census, the population of the United States was 2.49 x 10^8. The cost of taking the census in 1990 was 2.6 x 10^9 dollars. How much did the census cost per person in the United States?

  • Algebra 1- 8th Grade -

    take the population divides the cost

  • Algebra 1- 8th Grade -

    x per y means x/y

    Therefore, cost per person means cost/person = 2.6x10^9/2.49x10^8

  • Algebra 1- 8th Grade -

    Without parentheses, you would divide 2.6 x 10^9 by 2.49, then multiply that result by 10^8.

    So at a minimum you need to use one set of parentheses:
    2.6 x 10^9 / (2.49 x 10^8)

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