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A sample of an ideal gas in a closed container (3.00 L) at 25.0 degrees C is heated to 300 degrees C. What is the pressure of the gas at this temperature?

Do I use P1/T1=P2/T2? I was told to use that, but I don't know what pressure is.


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    This problem deals with Pressure, Volume, and Temperature. Sounds like a PV/T=PV/T problem.

    The reason you don't know pressure is - That's what you're solving for! The thing you're solving for must always be included in the equation that you use to solve for it.

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    By the way, PV/T = PV/T is just another way of expressing PV=nRT.

    PV/T = PV/T just equates an initial state to a final state, showing that the overall proportions will remain the same even after some variables have changed. The amount of gas (n) is assumed to be constant, which is why it doesn't appear in the equation.

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    But I need P1. What do I do to get p1?

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