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here is the question i posted earlier:
i don't get this, isn't the question asking which sport uses a ball?
don't they all?
¿Para qué deportes se necesita un balón?
a. el fútbol, el básquetbol y el hockey
b. el tenis, el béisbol y el golf
c. el fútbol, el básquetbol y el fútbol americano
d. el fútbol, los bolos el golf

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    For which sports is a ball needed. This one hinges on what TYPE of ball a balón is. It's big like a football (balloon).

    Here are words for ball: bola, pelota, esfera, globo andf for yeard, it's ovillo, for the ball of a finger, it's yema, for a ball/dance = baile

    el fútbol uses a balón
    el tenis = pelota
    el béisbol = pelota
    los bolos = bola (which is also a marble!)

    Only best answer is c.


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    ok, thanks

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