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I do not understand these problems. :S
I'd really appreciate the help.

Use trigonometric identities to transform the left side of the equation into the right side.

cot O sin O = cos O

sin^2 O - cos^2O = 2sin^2 O -1

(tan O + cot O)/tan O = csc^2 O

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    for most of these you have to know your basic trig relationships

    tanx = sinx/cosx ; cotx = cosx/sinx
    cscx = 1/sinx ; secx = 1/cosx

    sin2x + cos2x = 1
    and its re-arrangements.

    so for the first :
    LS = cotOsinO
    = (cosO/sinO)(sinO)
    = sinO
    = RS

    Most are this easy.

    last one : (I will use x as my angle)
    = (sinx/cosx + cosx/ sinx)/(sinx/cosx)
    = (sin2x + cos2x)/(sinxcosx) x (cosx/sinx)
    = 1/(sinxcosx)(cosx/sinx)
    = 1/sin2x
    = csc2x
    = RS

    try the second one, it is even easier.

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    solve for x to the nearest thousandth: 2tan square x-5tan x-1

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