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Homework Help: Math

Posted by Adam on Monday, April 27, 2009 at 4:43pm.

Delivery Dilemma. I have a problem where i need to figure out the order of a delivery route. The problem has eight stops in 2 rows. The top row from left to right is Green Grocer, Troys toys, tourist travel, and Myers tires. The second row is directly below and has Melodys Music, Hanks Bank, Peters Pets, and Retas Restaurant. I am supposed to fuill in the number on the route and the number of packages.

1. The second delivery is directly north of the first and has one fewer packages than the first.

2. Melodys Music needs all 5 packages delivered by 11AM

3. Each delivery takes 15 minutes.

4. the bank is never last and takes 4 packages.

5.Troys Toys takes the most packages equaling the sum of all the other packages.

6. Petes delievries are the first at 9:30AM

7. The fourth is directly east of the first and contains twice the number of packages.

8.The travel agancy and the pet store combined recieve the same number of packages as the music store.

9. The 5th delivery contains 3 boxes.

10. The 3rd delivery is 2 stores west of the second.

11. the tire store, grocery store, and the pet store all recieve the same number of packages. They are the only three to recieve this exact amount.

Please help.

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