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1.Pippete 20ml of 0.1M acetic acid and 20ml of 0.1M NaOH into a 100ml beaker (Remember that the final volume of this solution is the sum of the volumes of the acetic acid and NaOH solutions that have been mixed)

2. Pippete 20ml of 0.1 acetic acid into another 100ml beaker and add 20ml of distilled water with a pipette. This produces 40ml of a solution in which the concentration of the acetic acid is half that of the stock solution

Prepare the solution by mixing the solutions prepared in steps 1 and 2. The total volume should be 80ml.

What are the molarities of CH3C00 in the buffer described above?

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    You shouldn't have any trouble. Final molarity = final moles/final liters of solution. Post your work or detailed questions if you get stuck.

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