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Posted by John on Saturday, April 25, 2009 at 5:00am.

1. Fold the paper along the dotted line to make a triangle.(Right?)

2. It will heat the floor.
It will warm the floor.
(Are both OK?)

3. Don't throw stones at the dogs.
Don't throw stones to the dogs.
(Are both prepositions OK? What is the difference?)

4. The scarf has many colors. In other words, it is colorful.

4-1. The scarf has many colors. That is, it is colorful.

4-2. The scarf has many colors. So to speak, it is colorful.

4-3. The scarf has many colors. That is to say, it is colorful.

4-4. The scarf has many colors. Namely, it is colorful.

4-5. The scarf has many colors. To wit, it is colorful.

4-6. The scarf has many colors. Or, it is colorful.

(Are all the expressions the same and correct? Which ones are commonly used?)

5. Where is your answer sheet?
5-1. Where is your answer paper?
5-2. Where is your answer piece?

(Are the expressions all correct and the same? Situation:When a student take a test in a classroom)

6. Is a numeral a quantifier?
Does a quantifier include a numeral?

Are the following all quantifiers:smome, any, no, all, every, two, there, first, second.

(Please answer the questions.)

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