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1. When comparing the sizes of stars, our Sun is:

a.) the largest star discovered to date
b.)one of the larger stars discovered to date
c.)medium size as compared to other stars
d.)one of the smallest stars discovered to date
My answer: c or d

2. What information can astronomers gain from the colour of a star?
a.)the star's temperature and composition
b.)the nebala the star came from
c.)the stage of developement the star is in
d.)the direction the star might go in next
My answer: a?

3. Which of the following is not true of high mass stars?

a.)They use up hydrogen relatively slowly.
b.)They last only millions of years.
c.)they collapse in a supernova.
d.)Their core may contract further into a neutron star.
My answer: Both a and b. But im only allowed to choose one answer. I'm confused.

Please help.
thank you.

  • Astronomy -

    1. c
    2. a is the best answer, but you do not get composition from color. You need a spectrum (intensity at many different wavelenght).
    3. For some high mass stars, c, and d may apply. Almost all will last 100 million years or longer

    These answer choices indicate the teacher does no understand the subject very well.

  • Astronomy -

    3 asks what answer is not true, so a) seems to be the correct answer.

  • Astronomy -

    Sorry, I missed the word "not". Thank you

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