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Homework Help: French

Posted by Larry on Friday, April 24, 2009 at 2:22am.

Sra, Can you please check my translations.

James is from Alberta but he lives in Vernon, BC of Canada.
James est de Alberta mais il habite dans Vernon, BC de Canada.

James is 15 years old.
James a quinze ans.

James has a younger brother named Thomas.
James a frère cadet nommé Thomas.

James likes to use the computer.
James aimes à utiliser l'ordinateur.

James favorite/prefered color is green.
James couleur préférée est le vert.

James likes to eat pizza and eggs.
James aimes manger la pizza et œuf.

James favorite subjects are Math, Science and Socials Studies.
James matières favorie est mathématique, science et sciences humaines.

**How would you say, "James dream profession is to be a software developer." OR "James would like to be a software developer."

The best piece of advice given to him is from his father. "Do everything to the best of your ability."
Le meilleur conseil que quelqu'un lui a donné est de son pére. "Tout faire pour le meilleur de ton capacité."

Are they correct? If not what can I change?

Merci beaucoup!

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