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A sample of 7.80L of NH3 (ammonia) gas at 22 degrees and 735mmHg is bubbled into a 0.350L solution of 0.400M HCL(hydrochloric acid).
The Kb value for NH3 is 1.8x10-5

Assuming all the NH3 dissolves and that the volume of the solution remains at 0.350L , calculate the pH of the resulting solution.

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    Use PV = nRT to determine the moles of NH3 at the conditions listed. Use the Henderson-Hasselbalch equation to find the pH. (I am assuming that not all of the NH3 is neutralized and that you will have a buffer solution of NH3 and NH4Cl but I didn't calculate it.) If that isn't the case, a different approach must be used.

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