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Posted by M on Wednesday, April 22, 2009 at 12:17pm.

My daughter is doing a diary project on homer's odyssey. I would like to ask her some questions to encourage her to write more but I have not read the book.I am hoping to get some summary points to guide me in directing her to elaborate on her points below. In a very small nutshell here is summary of her twelve entries-
1. my son is born
2we won a great battle
3.we have arrived to a place with much food
4.I saw a creature
5. I got power of winds
6.My men betrayed me
7. Circe turned my men into animals
8.I travel to the dead
9.Hades told me I would confront sirens
10.I was reunited with my sons
11. Other suitors and I compete for my wife
12.I reveal myself to Penelope

Any help is appreciated,

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