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Posted by john on Tuesday, April 21, 2009 at 12:16am.

My teacher said that my narrative poem has no rhythm and sound. can you please help me fix it? PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!!

The Best Of Friends

John and Fred are the closest friends
They hang all day everyday
They do homework together
They don’t ever fight.

A girl named Isabel is new at their school
She is funny and cute
She is sweet and smart
They both really liked her.

Soon they were fighting for her
They both became friends no longer
They had fought for the first time
Running from each other and being mean.

They didn’t stop for a long time
Until they saw she liked someone else
Max, the tall brown-haired boy with dark brown eyes
Whom the two despised for being a jerk.

Soon they both saw how bad they have been to each other
They are too good of friends to fight over a girl
It wasn’t worth ruining everything it did
Which taught them a valuable lesson

They both were embarrassed for what they did
Their fight was a silly mistake
Their friendship is very special
And destroying it was a loss.

They are tight friends again.

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