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Describe the major territorial advances made by the United States in the 19th Century

Ohio had been admitted by 1803 as a new state. Thomas Jefferson purchased the Louisiana territory from France in 1803, this was the Louisiana Purchase. This addition and the addition of other states doubled the size of the new nation. Jefferson obtained the outlet of the Mississippi River. In 1812, Louisiana became a state. The sates of Indiana, Mississippi, Illinois, Alabama, Maine, and Missouri were admitted to the Union. Under the Missouri Compromise of 1820, future slavery was prohibited north of the southern boundary of Missouri. In 1818 the 49th parallel was agreed upon with Britain as the border west and south of the new nation. In 1819, The Adams-Onis Treaty was agreed upon, Spain would give up Florida to the United States. Spain also gave up its long-held claim on the Pacific Northwest. This treaty also fixed the boundary between the Louisiana Purchase and Spanish territory in the West. By 1824 all the Latin American countries were independent. Texas was colonized in 1821

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    This is a good start. However, you don't need this sentence: By 1824 all the Latin American countries were independent.

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    oh ok, thanks

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