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Spanish 1

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Can someone please, please please help me with this???
Re-write the following sentences with the correct conjugation of the verb "estar."

1. Yo____ en mi casa (in my house).

2. Jose, María, y yo _________ alegres.

3. Mario, tú, y yo __________ en el cine (at the movies).

4. El perro ________ en el parque (at the park.)

5. Usted _________ cerca de la casa.

6. Ustedes ________ lejos de la escuela.

7. Las sillas (the chairs) _______ en el garage.

8. ¡Tú _loco!

  • Spanish 1 -

    1. soy
    2. estamos
    3. estamos
    4. esta
    5. esta
    6. estan
    7. estan
    8. estas

  • Spanish 1 -

    The 1st one is really estoy, sorry, I was not thinking.

  • Spanish 1 -

    Thank you millions.

  • Spanish 1 -

    Here are the forms of the verb estar. Note where there are accent marks. The word will be wrong if it requires an accent mark and it is not there.

    yo estoy
    tú estás
    él, ella, usted está
    nosotros/nosotras estamos
    vosotros/vosotras estais
    ellos, ellas, ustedes están

    That would mean #4, 5, 6, 7, 8 are all wrong!


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