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Physical Science

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Can someone please check these answers for me?

Write T for True or F for False for each statement:

1.Kinetic energy is the energy of motion - T

2.Kinetic energy doesn't depend on an object's direction. - T

3.When an object stops moving, its kinetic energy is zero. - T

4.As the speed of an object increses, but its mass remains constant, its kinetic energy decreases. - F

5.When an object's mass decreases, but its speed remains constant, its kinetic energy increases. - F

Describe how kinetic energy increases and decreases when you're on a swing set:

Ans- When you're in the air, your kinetic energy is at zero or at its minimum; but when you're at the lowest part of the swing, your kinetic energy is high.

Thanks! -MC

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    All T/F questions are correct.

    The kinetic energy of a swing "in the air" is not necessarly zero or a minimum. That is true only at the highest point of the swing's motion.

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    OK Thanks!

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