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the aim that Congress had in passing the War Powers Act was to
a. give the President more power in using American forces overseas
b. forbid the President from ever sending American forces overseas
c. limit the President's emergency powers in sending troops overseas
d. order the President to bring American troops back from Iran

is it A?

my book says.."under this law, a presidnet can send troops overseas only if there is a declaration of war, a specific law is passed, or if there is a national emergency. there are limits on his emergency powers: 1. the president can send troops but must notify Congress within 48 hours. 2. troops may not stay overseas more than 60 days without congressional approval. 3. Congress can demand that the President bring troops home by passing a concurrent resolution.."

so now i think it could be C too...which one is right?

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    If you're referring to the War Powers Act of 1973, C is the correct answer.

    However, if it's the 1941 War Powers Resolution, the answer is A.

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    i was referring to the War Powers ACt of 1973, so i'll pick C. thanks :)

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