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Posted by Eliz on Sunday, April 19, 2009 at 5:22pm.

Question: A volume of 26.00ml of 4.30 M. HCL is mixed with 33.70 ml of 10.80 M H3PO4 s mixture is diluted to 1.00 liter with distilled water. A 50.00 ml portion of this diluted mixture is than titrated with .2200 M. NaOH. a) compute the concentration of phosphoric acid after dilution to 1.00 liter. B) During the titration how many ml. of the NaOH will be needed to reach the second equivalence point? (all HCL titarted plus two protons from H3PO4)

I'm not really sure how i would go about solving both parts a and b. Do you need to set up and ice table? Do you have to find the limiting reactent?

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