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4th grade math

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How do you find out the median in a set of numbers?

(Median is with mode, mean, and range) I know how to do them I just don't know how to find the median?

  • 4th grade math -

    Give me a set of numbers and then tell me what you think the median number is.

  • algebra -

    i need help with algebra!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • 4th grade math -

    Put the numbers from least to greatest then cross numbers out starting from the outside. So, if I had the numbers 57,8,79,58,38,29, and 42 first I would put them from least to greatest so that it would be 8,29,38,42,57,58,79. Then I would cross out numbers in this order 8,79,29,58,38,57. Now I only have one number, 42. That is your median. Now let's say that we had another number 92. We would now put the order like this: 8,29,38,42,57,58,79,92. We would cross out in this order 8,92,29,79,38,58. Now we have two numbers, and if we cross those numbers out we wouldn't have anything left. What we do now is add th two numbers together (42 and 57) and the answer to that (99), and divide by two (this would be finding the average of the two). This would find the median (in our prolbem it would be 49.5).

  • 4th grade math -

    200 +10000

  • 4th grade math -

    i have a worksheet from my teacher that i don't really understand i was wondering if someone could help me please

    thank you very much
    Emily 4th grade

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